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Anti-virus vegetable diseases - the preferred anti-insect nets

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Anti-virusvegetable diseases - the preferred anti-insect nets. 
It is reported that vegetable virus disease occurred in this year's particularlyserious, making tomatoes, sweet peppers and other vegetables suffered heavylosses. This is mainly caused by the adverse effects of pest control.      
Often like aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers and other pests are a vector of vegetabletransmission. These insects through the oral absorption of vegetable plantjuice, the virus in the plant body showed multi-crystalline and dissolvedstate, and then insects inhaled by insects, insects are carried, spread toinsects after migration of vegetables. Some insects absorb virus-containingvegetable juice, the virus can reproduce (copy) in the body, so that insects latedrug-borne, or life-long poison. Some insects can pass the virus to the nextgeneration or pass a number of generations.        

In order to prevent the early prevention of vegetable virus disease pest control,insect cover the network is imperative. Seedling seedlings on the vegetablesshould be covered with insect nets. Vegetable sheds to vent the use of insectnets sealed, before transplanting to the greenhouse inside and outside thevegetables and weeds general spray an insecticide, can use thiamethoxam,acetamiprid, imidacloprid any of three , Mixed with buprofezin (buprofezin) inorder to kill both eggs and kill eggs, improve control effect.  

In addition, the prevention and control of transmission of pests must be thorough,and some transmission of pests can spread long-range, such as the spread oftomato yellow leaf curl virus B-biotype Bemisia tabaci, the wind can spreadlong distances, and vegetable farmers are often Mistaken for airborne.Incidence of the shed is mostly shed before the windbreak at the firstincidence, and then spread to the surrounding. So shed with the control is alsovery important. Unguarded vegetable greenhouses will suffer severe lossesfollowing the spread of the virus.

Therefore,in order to control the virus disease, from the fundamental need to start inthe vegetable seedling period must use insect control network for preventionand control, in the process of using insect nets can also be used inconjunction with other pest control measures implemented. Completely away fromthe harm caused by the virus disease.


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