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Application of Steel grating in Bridge Construction

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Steel grating in the bridge construction plays an important role in the application, is now in some developed countries, the use of steel grating has been nearly 50 years, has been widely used in China for more than a decade of history, the wire grid due to Its advantages make it in the construction of the application gradually mature. Now, it is widely used in large-scale cast-in-place concrete structure engineering and bridge engineering in Guangdong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shandong, Wuhan, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Dalian and Xi'an.
Construction is quick and more accurate
Steel grating is made by special equipment, Steel grating ribs and ribs were arranged according to a certain spacing vertical overlap, all the intersections are through the automatic intelligent GWC-type wire grid production line with resistance welding method Spot welding together to form the steel mesh. Is a new, efficient, instead of the traditional artificial, high-quality reinforced concrete structure of steel bars.
Steel grille can save a lot of manpower of bridge construction
The size of grid spacing and the number of steel bars are accurate, which overcomes the error of size error caused by artificial placement of steel bars in traditional manual banding. The grid size of the wire grid is very regular, far more than the manual banding network. Mesh stiffness, elasticity, pouring concrete is not easy when the local bending, no displacement, uniform thickness of the protective layer of concrete, easy to control, significantly improve the quality of steel works.
The use of vertical and horizontal steel bar welded into a network structure to achieve the purpose of a common uniform force from the bond anchor, with reinforced cross-section of the cross-rib deformation, reinforced with the bond strength of concrete, making the formation of the concrete structure bending The structural properties of the components are improved, effectively preventing the occurrence of concrete cracks, and improving the inherent quality of reinforced concrete.
Steel grating can effectively prevent concrete cracking
In the concrete pavement configuration within the welding network layer, can effectively reduce about 70% due to load or humidity caused by concrete surface cracking. For concrete bending type members, the use of steel grating can improve the plate stiffness of about 50%, improve crack resistance of about 30%, effectively reducing the crack width of about 50%.
The above is the Steel grating applied to the bridge building all the advantages, thank you for reading. . .


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