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Brief analysis of the long history of welded wire mesh

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Speaking of the welded wire mesh, many people know, can ask about its history, I believe that few people know it? Here I will give you the popularity of this history has not been concerned about.

The famous "China silk village" - Hebei Province Anping County, as early as more than and 500 years ago, net export production base is the largest and the world's largest screen products distribution center. Anping originated in the Ming Dynasty Hongzhi reign, that the year 1488. In Guangxu twenty-six years, "Shenzhou local mind" records: "the silk is a unique environment of Anping wins, so not more than." In seven years, in the field of medicine Xu Laoshan will village metal mesh production technology in Japan first introduced to Anping, and in his office of the village now known as "the first metal wire mesh factory China largest silk production and sales base" in Anping county. Since then, the welded wire mesh technology developed gradually, the number of other villages to imitate the creation of a large and small manufacturers, but in the end failed.

After a long period of time, the welding technology is in a very depressed state, until after the founding of new China really reached the peak. When no invaders plunder, in support of Anping County Government, electric welding net technology has been a sudden more, and in that period the technology gradually spread outward, become Anping County, a very special project. In 50s, the area of Anping County almost all have their own welding factory. Although at that time the welding technology is not so developed now, but for its development has played a key role.

After the reform and opening up, welded wire mesh technology is a more rapid development. These years of development after the CIS, now Anping, almost whenever and wherever possible can see all kinds of wire mesh products, including welded wire mesh.

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