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PVC coated 3D bending fence/ triangular bending fence

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The triangular bending fence, unique embedded link design, so the column and form a solid whole seine. The product design was awarded the French Industrial Design Award, and obtained a patent certificate.

Product features:

Excellent performance:

The product uses the high quality raw material, and through the special surface treatment, the corrosion resistance is extremely high. Ten years of quality assurance.

Easy installation:

Product installation without special accessories, the use of propulsion installation, easy to hold, simple and fast, reduce costs.

Surface treatment:

Process of galvanized steel strip, steel wire + high adhesion electrostatic polyester spray color of nearly two hundred kinds of color and matte surface treatment

Alternative fence installation:

(optional) directly mounted on a low wall or landfill cement on the ground through the flange installation safety accessories (optional) according to site security requirements, can be installed on the fence, barbed wire, the elbow.

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