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The introduction of steel grating from Anping county xuanqing wire mesh product co.,ltd.

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Antiskid steel grating and steel grid grating zigzag, which has good anti slip effect, the tooth shape flat and twisted steel and welded steel grating tooth type antiskid and appearance, tooth shape steel plate surface of hot galvanized steel, silver enhanced modern style, can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor senior field. Tooth shape: type flat and ordinary flat, the difference is that the flat side of the uneven tooth. Mainly non slip.

Antiskid steel plate series products:

Series 1 (space 30mm) steel grating is the most common type, use throughout the various industrial fields, this series of steel lattice plate bearing flat center distance of 30mm in accordance with the standard requirements, in the steel grating series, has the strongest impact on surface resistance. It is widely used in power plants, refineries, sewage treatment plant, chemical plant, granary, highway, airport and dock platform, walkway and drainage ditch cover, stairs etc.. The teeth type steel plate can be used for wet and slippery place, especially suitable for offshore oil platform.

Series 2 (space 40mm) grating is the most economical and portable, fixed platform in line with the provisions of the British standard, walkways and stairs in the small span specifications, the occasion, this is the most ideal products, even in the corridors that transport equipment load is no exception, but also can be used for warehouse shelves the pavilion, Zhanqiao, door panel, solar curtain fence, etc..

Series 3 (space 60mm) steel plate is used for mining industry and the development of varieties, it solves the problem of mineral splashed on the board face. This series of steel grating with nominal size through 50*60mm, allowing most of the material splash wear falls, so as to ensure the surface is clean and safe, this product is often specified in crushing system in surface transportation line corridors and ball mill, processing plant and operation station. Plug in steel grating is a good choice. In order to meet the anti sliding force of the steel grating, the tooth size is shown in figure 3. Not less than 5 teeth per 100mm. (mm)

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