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What is 3D welded bending fence?

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What is 3D welded bending fence?

Triangular Bend Ingle fence product 

common specifications: triangle bend ingress guardrail net Triangular bend ingress sour net Immersion filament: 5.0mm 

mesh size: 50mm X 180mm 

column size: 48mm X 2.5mm 

mesh size: 2.3m X 2.9m 

reinforced ribs Four grid: 50X50mm 

structure: cold high strength The wire is welded with a low-carbon wire and is hydraulically molded and secured with a link attachment and a steel pipe pillar. 

Features: high strength, good steel, beautiful shape, wide field of view, easy installation, feel bright, relaxed. 

Product advantages: the right bend, creating a unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface uses a variety of colors of immersion treatment, such as yellow, green, red, column and mesh different colors of the match ingress is pleasing, at the same time, this product is more with chassis columns, installation only need to play the expansion bolts, very fast. 

Application: railway closed network, living area fence, field fence, development zone isolation network and so on.


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