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What is the hot dip galvanized steel plate?

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Hot dip galvanized steel plate is easy to be plated steel lattice "posing" how to verify true and false

Received a customer calls, customers are most worried about a problem, is to surface treatment of steel plate, is galvanized steel grating layer, we all know is made of flat steel welded, easy to rust, so the steel plate surface are galvanized.

Steel lattice plate -- platform steel lattice

Steel plate, steel plate of the platform platform steel plate used in a wide range of applications, the General Factory, workshop, mining, port of platform can be selected, beautiful style, convenient installation, is a kind of new building replacement products.

How to distinguish between zinc plating and hot dip galvanizing

Galvanized steel plate we often say that there are two kinds: distinguish galvanized -- also known as hot, he is at a high temperature to zinc melt, add some auxiliary materials, and then put the pieces of metal structures immersed in zinc bath, which is attached to a layer of zinc layer metal components. The advantages of hot dip galvanizing is that he has good corrosion resistance, good adhesion and hardness. Galvanized products increased weight.

Identification method of hot dip galvanized steel grid plate and its features and uses

Use of hot dip galvanized steel grid plate identification method for identifying hot galvanized steel grid plate and galvanized steel plate: (1) flat center spacing: according to distinguish series: Series 1, series 2 for 30mm; 40mm; 60mm 3 series. (2) bar center spacing: Series 1 for 100mm, 2 for 50mm. series. Other specifications can be customized. (3) steel plate in different areas are different.

Steel plate for different names in different steel lattice panels in northern South China said person steel grid plate steel grid board is called the steel frame, steel grid, grid plate. Because of regional differences, the north is used to be known as steel grid plate, the southern people used to call steel grille plate. Is to use steel according to certain spacing and cross arrangement, and welding for steel products with square lattice in the middle, mainly used for steel structure.

Steel fence fence fence to do more beautiful and firm

Steel plate wall fence is more beautiful and strong, specializing in the production of steel grid plates can be used for the fence fence, fence, fence production is a steel plate design and manufacture of guardrail products, product surface hot dip galvanizing, neat appearance, high strength, durable, rapid installation and maintenance free. The characteristics, widely used in mines, electric power, petrochemical, light industry, water and sewage treatment.

The characteristics and installation methods of composite steel grid plate

1: high strength, lightweight structure 2: strong corrosion resistance, durability and beautiful appearance, the surface gloss 3: 4: do not accumulate dirt, not rain snow, not water, self clean, easy maintenance: 5 ventilation, lighting, cooling, skid proof of good.

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