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Why is the car wash room using steel grating?

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With the increasing number of cars in China, there is an increasing demand for car washing. In the past when the car wash, the vehicles are parked directly on the ground, after washing the car will leave a large beach of water traces, if the business is better, then will form a large beach, to the pedestrians on the road Very big trouble.
Now most of the car wash in the interior, and the ground covered with a layer of steel grating, which is why?

1, the surface of the steel grating has a large number of mesh, the surface will not keep water.
When the staff in the car wash when you do not have to wear boots, will not splash on the body, washing the sewage directly through the grid into the underground sewer, very convenient, to avoid the ground a lot of water problems. At the same time in winter when people wash the car no longer have to worry about cold water soaked clothes and shoes.
Winter car wash on the ground after the water will flow to the highway, and soon frozen, easily lead to traffic accidents.
 2, super carrying capacity
 Steel grating plate using thick steel plate and cannabis welded, each square meter can carry several tons of weight, completely afraid of the weight of the car.
 3, life is very long
The surface of the steel grating is hot-dip galvanized and has a very strong corrosion resistance, even in wet conditions can reach 20 years of life.

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